- All commissioned services require a 50% deposit prior to work starting. The balance will be due prior to the final file being made available.

- Commissioned all over patterns and placement prints include 2 revisions.

- Revisions are minor alterations to the design, not a complete redevelopment of artwork. Skye St. Studio reserves the right to determine which revisions are included in commissioned artwork and which must be charged by the hour.

- All services by the hour will be quoted prior to work going ahead.

- While Skye St. Studio will do our best to quote accurately, we reserve the right to change to the initial quoted price if the nature of the work changes, the volume of the work changes, the number of revisions change or due to any other unforseen changes from the initial consultation. Clients will be informed of extra charges, prior to any extra work going ahead.

- For commissioned all over or placement print designs, the client needs to provide a specific print direction in the form of visuals such as images, sketches and illustrations, as well as a verbal/written consultation. If a clear print direction is not provided by the client, they will be charged for the development of a print direction mood board prior to any design work going ahead.


Studio Shop Purchases

- All purchases from the Studio Shop are final. Please choose carefully as no refunds or exchanges will be offered due to copyright.

- Purchase of a pattern license from the Studio Shop is non-exclusive and entitles the buyer to use the design on items for resale up to 1500 units.

- Skye St. Studio retains the copyright of designs for license and reserves the right to share these on social media, emails and in other relevant physical or digital spaces.

Exclusive Prints

- All designs in the Studio Shop library can be purchased exclusively, so long as they have not been previously licenced. Please contact us if you wish to buy a design exclusively – designs cost $600AUD.

- Skye St. Studio reserves the right to use low-resolution imagery of the design in a portfolio capacity only.

- Designs that are purchased exclusively will be removed from the studio shop library. You will own the copyright exclusively and this design will not be sold to any other business or person.

- Exclusive purchase of a design grants the buyer unlimited use of the pattern.


- Payment of your deposit is confirmation that you have read over our full terms and conditions.